Production House

WHERE EAGLES DARE ENTERTAINMENT (WEDENT) PVT. LTD. Is an Entertainment company founded by Suraj Chitre in the Year 2010, he further associated with Saikat Bagban & Sachin Srivastav as board of Directors.

Apart from working with biggest names of the Bollywood, WEDENT Further Choose to increase its Dynamics in Movies by collaborating with the best Technicians & PR Agencies.

WEDENT plans a vibrant start-up at the intersection of films , Digital Series and Television Shows following the youth culture that hopes to challenge the norms and detonate boundaries.


As Wedent, we like to keep the paparazzi going, but the twist being we try to fuse the famous with the local. From Top Celebrity events to much required Social awareness campaigns to Promotional events to Festive celebrations, we serve everything under our platter. Right from producing, organizing, hosting, controlling the traffic to pre and post promotions, we handle it all. Being a Brand, we understand what is a Brand Image and hence we focus on maintaining a long term relationship with our client by delivering the desired end product, assuring a Memorable and an Evergreen event.

Mumbai Actors Academy

We believe that training for the actor lies in daily preparation of the body, voice and imagination for a fundamentally improvisational approach to the actor’s work with or without a script. The most thrilling work of the actor is manifested in the moment-to-moment unpredictability of what will happen next. Living truthfully in the given circumstances of whatever the genre, period, or style, the unpredictable actor is the one to watch and the one to cast.

Photo Shoots & Rent a Studio

A photograph has dimension and a point of view, but in the end it is a slice of time. It is orchestrated whether you believe it or not. You set up your camera, you press the shutter release, the camera operates, film or an electronic sensor is exposed. It all happens very quickly. Often a moment or two makes all the difference in whether the photograph is good or bad.

Celebrity Management & Casting

In talent management, the personal relationship between a celebrity and a manager is eminent. A talent's focus is to highlight oneself but a talent manager's job is to make a brand out of an individual. Me ensure that the talent remains focused on their goal and guides the talent in the necessary steps to be taken.

Casting is a very important process that helps choosing the right actor or actress in your film to bring your story real and alive. It’s very important and it’s done when you have finished writing the script. However, it is one of the frustrating processes if you really look for your character. It is very hard to find the right one unless you are basing character on someone.

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