The Team
S. Ramachandran started his career working with Mid day as a journalist also associated with many other News channel. Ramachandran then evolved as a PR with many Hollywood films like Righteous Kill starring Robert Di Niro and Al Pacino, the Barbara Mori film La Mujer De Mi Hermano when it released in India as Spanish Beauty.He also handled the final PR for the film Children of War post its release and for its international exploitation and some others like The Blueberry Hunt and Aalaap. He also produced the highly acclaimed short film “Talk To Me” which won several accolades across several festivals all over the world. Ramachandran was at Zoom Television Networks as a creative Head of Zoom Television and a Programming Head for a new channel called Zoom Spice. He launched several shows like Planet Bollywood, The Rakhi Sawant Show and also continued to help shows like Popkorn and Page 3 apart from other popular shows on Zoom like Red Hot Countdown etc.

We all know that God said " let there be light , and then , there was light " And Ashutosh , doesn't miss the fact that , for the light to be there , God had to say it first ! Thus claiming , that sound is the most important part of all , without which things would be incomplete , be it movies or our daily lives . Ashutosh began his career assisting ace sound designer Anmol Bhave a national award winner, by recording vehicles , airplanes,trains and even additional sound design requirements as per the demands of a scene . Thus marking the beginning of a journey where sounds recorded by him brought moving pictures to life . Ashutosh now has an experience of 9 years designing sound for films , short films , music mixing, radio etc , and all these years have given him a set of ears that are intune to deliver the best .

A man full of conviction, honesty & Dedication towards work. Neer Dhillon who craves for knowledge in every aspects of life already has tremendous wisdom which he has been using it in the past Ventures. His new invention “Water Waves Movies & Music” is just another proof of his immense creativity which will soon be acclaimed Worldwide Neer Dhillon in past has even Directed Ads, Television Shows, Corporates, Video, Albums etc. He has currently Directed a Rom-Com Big Budget Punjabi Movie which is under Post-Production.

Young, dynamic, Zealous & Creative , Dhruv is a skilled entrepreneur in the world of arts and creativity. A hardcore workaholic with a passion to learn an execute projects. Acting is also another feather he dons on his hat .

Monica, being the youngest on the panel, comes with a very Fresh Skill-set and Energetic Aura . She is not just a Lively Personality, but a creative thinker and writer as well. She has a way with Public Speaking and maintaining Public Relations. With a Good Experience in Sales, she can catch the nerves of Marketing, and ofcourse Social Media.

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Pooja Rathod ( Celebrity Manager)
Pooja comes with an exclusive skill-set and Prolific experience, when it comes to managing celebrities. She has an abundant range of contacts in the industry and is really great at organizing and co-ordinating her tasks. Right from Contacts to Contracts, she masters it all.

Having more than 15years of experience in the Event & Entertainment Industry. He has worked with most of the Established Corporate companies and Production houses in our fraternity. Having a vast experience lets him reach to the core of Production.

Agnelo has been in the media industry for the past 15 years. Started his career with film production. His aim is to make a mark and excel in the field of ad & media by using his knowledge and experience to grow with the organization, while handling the management & presenting the complete budget before the shooting hits the floor .

RIYA GADIYA, An extremely talented person with her unique resourcing skills, enhances our company’s fiscal performance. With a do or die attitude. RIYA GADIYA has always been ahead of the client’s expectations.